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Our Team

winmasters Affiliate Team consists of people with many years of knowledge in the online gaming industry and affiliate marketing. Our Team is here to assist you maximize your profit.

Our Products

winmasters Affiliates platform covers Sportsbook and Casino. Top cutting edge technology implemented in an environment that fulfils customers' needs.

Reward Plans

Net Revenue** Net Revenue Share Commission Booster* Earnings total
€ 0 - 10,000 25 % +5 % 30 %
€ 10,001 - 20,000 30 % +5 % 35 %
€ 20,001 - 30,000 35 % +5 % 40 %
€ 30,001 - 50,000 40 % +5 % 45 %
€ 50,001 + 45 % +5 % 50 %


* Get a 5% Commission Booster when you send us 40+ First Time Active Players within a calendar month!


Sub-Affiliate Commission How much you can earn
5 % No limit!
CPA/Hybrid Rewards How much you can earn
€€€ No limit!

Tiered Revenue Share Plan

Each calendar month, you will earn a percentage of the net revenue from all the players you have referred to winmasters.

The percentage of net revenue share which you will be paid each month depends on two criteria: net revenue and new depositing players (see Commission Booster section below).

As the players you refer generate net revenue, you are paid a percentage of this as a commission. When your referred players generate a total of €10,000 or more within a calendar month, the percentage which you receive will increase from 25% to 30%. When they generate more than €50,000, your net revenue share will increase to 45%.

If the revenue from your players is negative in any month it will be carried over to the following month (this is often called negative carryover).

**Net Revenue is defined as follows: Gross Revenue less Cost of Sales (comprising taxes, network fees, transaction fees, bonus costs and premiums).

Commission Booster

Refer 40 or more First Time Active players each month and get a 5% bonus on your net revenue share.

Sub-Affiliate Commission 

You can also earn a sub-affiliate commission of 5% by recruiting another affiliate to the winmasters Affiliates program.

The commission is calculated on your sub-affiliates' rewards and added to your monthly commission.

CPA/Hybrid Deals

If you are interested in discussing a cost-per-acquisition (CPA) or hybrid reward plan, please contact your affiliate manager.

Affiliate Payment Options

Bank transfer and Skrill (formerly Moneybookers). 

Please note that in some cases depending on the country that you are based in, some of these options may not be available.